Dr. Jack L. Arnold





Medicine and Skilled Doctors are a Gift from God


Medicine.  God is Lord over all His creation and every natural, physical and chemical process is subject to His will; therefore, medicine and healing from medicine may not be

miraculous but they are from Him. God should receive as much glory when a natural healing takes place as when a supernatural healing takes place.  Whenever medicine is taken, it of itself does not heal.  Medicine only allows the body to heal itself.       The body’s recuperative powers are traced to the Creator.  If an aspirin relieves a headache, it is not the pharmaceutical company that ultimate gratitude is due.  God supplied nature with the ingredients in aspirin, and it is God who created, sustains and enables the human body to respond positively to its medicinal properties. All genuine healing, whether miraculous or not, is ultimately a work of God.


Doctors.  In His creation, God has provided medical doctors to heal in the area of their expertise.  Whether doctors will acknowledge it or not they have been given their brains, aptitudes and skills by God and He expects them to use their skills for His glory.  Many of us in this room are alive today because of a knowledgeable doctor or a skilled surgeon, and we praise God for them.

However, we must never look to science or medicine or doctors as the ultimate healer, but we must look to the Great Physician - Christ.  There is a tendency in a secular culture to set up science and the medical profession in particular as little gods who are the saviors for life.  Physicians are but men and are ultimately accountable to God.


Medicine and Healing.  Medicine and divine healing fight a common enemy one fights the enemy of disease naturally (and hopefully by faith and prayer) and the other does so supernaturally (and hopefully by faith and prayer).  To polarize medicine and faith is false.  God may choose to heal, He gets the glory.

Physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors can be a tremendous help to the Christians, especially if these professionals are working from a Christian context.

Christians should pray for a healing before they go to a doctor, and they should continue to pray for healing when the doctor prescribes medicine.  The tendency in our society is to go to the doctor first and then pray, or as the very last resort turn to God for healing.  There should be a balance between faith and medicine and each of us must find that balance.


Medicine Removal.         If a person is under medical care and senses God has given a healing, he should not take himself off medication until a doctor has been consulted.

Peter Wagner again says, “A medical doctor is the only one who has the authority to remove a patient from a prescribed medication.  Those who believe they have received healing for a condition requiring medication should check with their doctor before altering their prescribed treatment.”