Dr. Jack L. Arnold

Lesson 18



“Instant Acceptance of Total Reality”


  1. Unchangeable Things.  I realize that all things change in the universe except the Eternal Trinity and the eternal Word of God.
  2. Prejudice And Bias.  I realize that I have certain built in prejudices and bias that are the result of my upbringing (environment).
  3. Sin Nature.  I realize I have a sin nature that wants to be self-centered so that I want what I want when I want it, and will change only when it benefits me.  Self-centeredness makes me resistant to any change that threatens self.
  4. Limited Knowledge.  I realize I don’t know everything and display a willingness to learn new things.  I am not always right about everything.
  5. Adequate Facts.  When change is proposed, I do not react but act on the facts.  I gather as much information as possible and enter into dialogue if possible with those who are proposing change.
  6. Risk Taking.  I am willing to take a risk (leap of faith) to try something new with the possibility of going back if it does not work out.
  7. Fluid Environment.  I realize that my environment and culture is changing and change is inevitable for everyone.  Change means progress.
  8. Think Positive.  I realize while change may be painful, it may be ultimately helpful to me rather than a hindrance.
  9. Function And Form.  I realize the Bible teaches some things should never change (function) but other things can and will change (form).
  10. Reverse Thinking.  I will try honestly to put myself in the place of the person, group or organization that is proposing change so I can see the change from the other side.