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The Doctrine of the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

Appendix 1—John Calvin and John Knox on Prophecy




“Paul applies the name “prophets” to all those who were interpreters of God’s will, but to those who excelled in a particular revelation (Ephesians 4:11).  This class either does not exist today or is less commonly seen (Institutes, 4:3:4, 2:1057).


“It is not clear that he intended here (Romans 12:6) only those wonderful graces by which Christ adorned His Gospel at the beginning.  We see rather that he is referring simply do ordinary gifts that remain perpetually in the Church” (Romans and Thessalonians, page 269).


“It is difficult to make up one’s mind about gifts and offices of which the Church has been deprived for so long, except for mere traces or shades of them. Which are still to be found” (Calvin commenting on I Cor. 12:28 in l Corinthians, page 271).







Knox  gave prophecies:  


1)       The assurance which he expressed from the beginning of the Scottish troubles, that the cause of the Congregation would ultimately prevail;


2)       His confident hope of again preaching in his native country, and at St. Andrews, avowed by him during his imprisonment on board the French galleys, and frequently repeated during his exile;


3)       With the intimations which he gave respecting the death of Thomas Maitland, and Kircaldy of Grange. 


(Taken from the biography entitled Life of John Knox of the Free Presbyterian Church authored by Thomas M’Crie in 1960).