Dr. Jack L. Arnold
earned a doctorate of systematic theology from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1966 and founded Equipping Pastors International in 1997 before his extraordinary death in 2005. For forty years, he pastored churches and meticulously researched and prepared sermons and teaching lessons each week on every imaginable topic. They are now digitized for ClearTheology.com, comprising over 60 series and curricula—and more than 1200 individual sermons and lessons.

These works are copyrighted but are free to download, quote, copy and distribute for non-profit purposes. Proper attribution of authorship should be given to Dr. Jack L. Arnold.

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"When I go to heaven..." were Jack Arnold's last words before dying instantly in the pulpit from a heart attack. The extraordinary event made international headlines... (more)

Acceptable Worship
Biblical Evangelism
Biblical Giving
Biblical Suffering
Christian Family
Christian Marriage
Church History
Church Polity
Death and After
Doctrine of Prayer
Eschatological Systems
Experiencing the Holy Spirit
Extent of the Atonement
Frequently Asked Questions
Great Words About Salvation
How to Live the Christian Life
Questionable Practices
Reformation Men and Theology
The Pastor - His Personal and Professional Life
The Person of God
Theology Proper
Why I Believe


  1. Introduction to Romans

    A study of the author, recipients and theme of Romans.

  2. The Gospel: A Study on Romans 1:1-3a

    Commentary on and application of Romans 1:1-3a.

  3. What Think Ye of Christ? A study on Romans 1:3-4

    Romans 1:3-4

  4. Why I Believe in the Virgin Birth

    Romans 1:3b and Luke 1:26-35

  5. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

    Romans 1:4

  6. The Grace of God

    Romans 1:5-7

  7. God's Power

    Romans 1:8-17

  8. Righteousness or Wrath -- Which Will It Be?

    Romans 1:17-18

  9. Are the Heathen Lost?

    Romans 1:18-23

  10. The Consequences of Rejecting Light

    Romans 1:24-32

  11. You Too Are Guilty, Oh Moral Man!

    Romans 2:1-5

  12. Principles of Judgment

    Romans 2:1-16

  13. Judgment for the Religious Man

    Romans 2:17-29

  14. How Shall God Judge the World?

    Romans 3:1-8

  15. Paul or Peale?

    Romans 3:9-18

  16. The Major Purpose for the Mosaic Law

    Romans 3:19-20

  17. Justified Freely

    Romans 3:21-24a

  18. Redemption

    Romans 3:24b

  19. Propitiation


  20. Justification in the Old Testament

    Romans 4:1-8

  21. Justification by Grace Through Faith

    Romans 4:7-16

  22. How Faith Operates

    Romans 4:16-25

  23. Will the “By Faith Way” Work?

    Romans 5:1-5

  24. Much More

    Romans 5:6-11

  25. In Adam and in Christ

    Romans 5:12-21

  26. Shall We Continue in Sin?

    Romans 6:1-2a

  27. Dead to Sin

    Romans 6:2

  28. Baptism into Christ

    Romans 6:3-4a

  29. Alive in Christ

    Romans 6:4-5

  30. The Crucified Old Man

    Romans 6:6-10

  31. Experiencing Union with Christ

    Romans 6:11-14

  32. Slaves — Never to Be Emancipated

    Romans 6:14b-16

  33. Slaves for Holiness

    Romans 6:17-23

  34. Dead to the Law

    Romans 7:1-6

  35. Law and Sanctification

    Romans 7:7-14

  36. Discovering Our Sinfulness

    Romans 7:14-20

  37. Who Shall Deliver Me?

    Romans 7:20-25

  38. Deliverance through the Spirit

    Romans 8:1-4

  39. Walking after the Spirit

    Romans 8:5-13

  40. Heirs with Christ

    Romans 8:14-17

  41. Groanings Because of Sin

    Romans 8:18-27

  42. Suffering and God's Plan

    Romans 8:28

  43. From Eternity to Eternity

    Romans 8:29-30

  44. God’s Love for His Own


  45. Who Chose Whom?

    Romans 9:1-13

  46. Let God Be God!

    Romans 9:14-24

  47. The Marvelous Mystery of Salvation

    Romans 9:25-33

  48. Man’s Responsibility? Faith!

    Romans 10:1-11

  49. A Universal Gospel

    Romans 10:12-21

  50. Has God Cast Away Israel?

    Romans 11:1-12

  51. God's Covenant

    Romans 11:13-24

  52. God's Plan for Israel

    Romans 11:25-36

  53. A Living Sacrifice

    Romans 12:1

  54. What is Worldliness?

    Romans 12:2

  55. What are your Spiritual Gifts?

    Romans 12:3-8

  56. Practical Christianity

    Romans 12:9-13

  57. Love Offended

    Romans 12:14-21

  58. Subjection to Governmental Authority

    Romans 13:1

  59. Dare You Resist Your Government?

    Romans 13:2-4

  60. Render unto Caesar

    Romans 13:5-7

  61. Should a Christian Go to War?

    Romans 13:5

  62. The Christian's Responsibility to his Neighbor

    Romans 13:8-14

  63. Christian Understanding in Doubtful Things

    Romans 14:1-3

  64. An Exhortation to the Weak Brother on Doubtful Things

    Romans 14:4-12

  65. Exhortation to the Strong Brother on Doubtful Things

    Romans 14:13-21

  66. Do All Things to Please Christ

    Romans 14:22-23

  67. Power to Please

    Romans 15:1-13

  68. The Concerns of a True Minister

    Romans 15:14-33

  69. The Former Day Saints

    Romans 16:1-16

  70. False Teachers

    Romans 16:17-18

  71. The Closing Words of the Book of Romans

    Romans 16:17-27

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